We believe that GREAT employees make for a GREAT workplace. We are proud to have hired and retained the very best people in the industry.

If you are interested in career growth and advancement, check below for a full list of open positions across our family of companies.

Who we are

Venturi Supply is a multi-business enterprise which includes Ameripipe Supply Inc., BPS Supply Group, Producer’s Supply Co., LLC, and Tri Star Industrial, LLC.

Together, we make up a robust independent multi-location distribution company with over 550 employees and 38 branches, serving a well-diversified base of thousands of customers. We are excited that this growth will offer our employees development opportunities that may not have been available in the past. We encourage our employees to review open jobs for all of our locations.

Guidelines from our career success team:

Venturi and its companies support ongoing growth and career progression for our employees throughout the organization.

If employees are interested in applying for a new opportunity, please consider the following requirements:

  • Employee has been in current position for at least 6 months.
  • Current manager has been notified and is supportive of application to the new role.
  • Employee is in good standing and not under any disciplinary actions.
  • Lateral moves between companies within Venturi may be subject to additional requirements.
    • Relocations and lateral job moves within same location but between companies are subject to CEO and CHRO review and approval.

Prior to applying, please notify your HR Partner that you will be applying and you have discussed this with your manager. Please apply via the appropriate system.